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Traditional Fine Weave Basket ( X. Small) | 3

These unique and one of a kind woven baskets are made in the traditional way by the women of the Taita tribe in south eastern Kenya. These amazing baskets are made with exceptional skill by firstly twining the sisal fibre into a very thin and even string, hand dyed with natural colours or non toxic fabric dyes and then woven into a basket. Some baskets take months to complete being woven when and where possible between the women's daily chores. 

The aim for many women weaving these beautiful baskets is to become less dependent on subsistence agriculture and a way to earn their own income to support their families which has flow on effects for the whole community. The proceeds from basket sales allows for the weavers to purchase food for their families, pay for education fees and improve their homes among other benefits.

The weavers have complete creative control over their craft which means each basket is unique and one-of-a-kind! 


Made by Adline Nyange

Size: XS appx. H 11cm x D 11cm  (diameter at top of basket)

Material: Sisal fibre


Please note: Colours are indicative and may vary slightly due to different monitor settings.

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