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Sisal Basket (XS) | 1

These character filled Sisal Baskets are great for storing all manner of things around the house, keeping your desk tidy at work or simply adding a pop of colour where it's needed. They're also perfect to dress up the dreary ol' plastic pot for your favourite indoor plant.

Handwoven by the women of the Taita tribe in south eastern Kenya the baskets are made using the hardy Sisal plant. Sisal grows well in the semi-arid climate of this region and is purchased by the weavers at nearby sisal estates or harvested from their own land. The extracted, sun dried fibre is firstly rolled into a twine, before it is dyed with textile dyes or natural dyes from the earth, bark or roots. It is then skilfully woven into a unique basket. 

Each one of these gorgeous Sisal Baskets is truly one of a kind. Handwoven in the design and colours the weaver has chosen, giving them complete creative control over their craft.


This basket was woven by Margire Ilale Nyambu.


Materials: Sisal Plant.

Size: 13cm Height and 15cm Diameter.


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